About Me

Childhood –
A little background on myself. I have a long history in small business. My father always worked for himself, starting many businesses, some successful, some not so successful.  I spent many summer days with him at his office. He always taught me what it meant to work for myself.  

As a child I was always doing something for money. I stated a business called “Kids at Work” at age 11. My brothers and I would hand out flyers to people in the neighborhood to do odd jobs like rake leaves and shovel driveways. At age 16, I was working two jobs. One was washing dishes in a local pizzeria; the other was picking rock at a local farm. Not two of the more fun jobs, but work nonetheless. It was at this time I knew I wanted to get an education.

I graduated from high school and went to a two-year school, Alfred State College, where I decided to complete an Associate’s Degree in Banking and Finance. My father had always said his one downfall in business was finances. He wanted me to make that my strength.

After I graduated from Alfred State I transferred to Keuka College. I studied Management here and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. During my final year of college I bought my first rental property and started Gaddis Properties. This was also the school where I received the nickname “Trump.” My friends saw that I always had a business/real estate book in my hand for reading.

Professional Life –
After I graduated college in 2006, I took a job as a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial as an Associate Financial Advisor. I achieved my series 7 and 66 license along with my New York State Insurance License. In my time at Ameriprise I helped to develop a sales tool that doubled our insurance sales from the previous year. Our home office took note of this and adopted my presentation and calculator and rolled it out across the state.

During the next two years I purchased an additional 3 properties and we started Gaddis Companies. This was a family business which would become an umbrella for the business we started over the course of the next few years; Gaddis Customs, Gaddis DJ Services,  Gaddis Construction, Gaddis Kennels, Gaddis’ Restaurant, Plaques “R” Us, and Gaddis Coaching.

In 2007 I started an MBA program with Empire State College. It was during the completion of this degree that I learned what I really wanted to do, small business coaching. My professors were all highly regarded consultants for large corporations and they peaked my interest for this kind of career.

In 2008 I left Ameriprise to take a position as a Trust Officer at a local bank. My wife was pregnant with our first child and I wanted more money and needed better benefits than I was currently being offered to support my family as my wife raised our child.

I took the position of Trust Officer and ran with it. I was brought in with the expectation of 5% growth. I achieved 25% in both income and assets in my first year and cumulative growth of over 50%. During this time I worked diligently to partner with a company to offer more products and services. Through my ambition we started NBDC Financial Services. I held the position of Financial Consultant and Investment Executive.

During this time I did not forget about my desire to be a coach. I have been formulating my plan and researching all aspects of this business to give me the best chance at success and my clients the best advice and service I can offer. Even though I have been doing side work under the business of Gaddis Coaching our official “launch” was January 1, 2011.

In 2012 I finally published “Athena’s Gift.” This was an account of my life and experience with my dog Athena, what I came to learn, how it changed me life and how it can change yours as well.

Currently I have taken my successes in the Financial Services industry and started my own financial services firm and continue to work with my clients under Gaddis Coaching.

o  Top 5 Finalist of Rising Star in Allstate EFS program
o  Author of “Athena’s Gift”
o  Asked to be Guest Expert of ABC’s “The Ripple Effect”
o  10 years in the Financial Service Industry
o  Owner and operator of several small businesses
o  Graduate of National Bankers Association National Trust School
o  Associates Degree in Banking and Finance from Alfred State University
o  Bachelors Degree in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Keuka College
o  MBA through Empire State College
o  Past President of the Greater Stamford  Area Chamber of Commerce
o  Executive Board member and Finance Committee Chair of the Otshedela Boy Scout Council
o  Past Board of Trustees of the Catskill Mountain Educational Center
o  Past Town of Stamford Board Member
o  Past host of FM radio show “Money Train.”
o  Experienced 40% growth in Income and Assets in two years as Trust Officer when my goal was only 5%
o  During this time I also pioneered a dramatic change in our department by partnering with a nationally recognized Broker-Dealer to provide thousands of new products for our customers.
o  Developed a Life Insurance sales tool that doubled sales from previous year and was also adopted by Ameriprise and distributed across the state.
o  Hold Securities licenses:
Series 7 – Securities and Exchange Commission Securities License
Series 66 – NYS regulatory and laws license
NYS Life, Accident, & Health Insurance License – life, disability, and LTC insurances.

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