In light of the attention Charlie Sheen has drawn to the word, I thought a post was appropriate.

Charlie Sheen has been all over the internet and television. He has been a lightning rod for controversy and attention in the few weeks since his show was suspended. In his media tour he has come up with a lot of terms and phrases that have set a wild fire to the internet and chat rooms. He recently signed a deal with Live Nation to create memorabilia of those phrases and terms. His most popular term thus far has been “Winning.”

So now I ask, are you winning? defines winning as “succeeding with great difficulty.” We all face adversity and must finds ways to rise above it. 

Mr. Sheen believes he is winning, but one look at him has most people concerned for his health and well being. He seems to have delusions that losing a gig that pays close to $50 million dollars a year due to excessive drinking and drugs is winning.

A lot of times we see our lives escape the grasps of our control and we make excuses and lie about what we really are doing. While most of us do not have drug or alcohol addictions, we do have issues that need to be worked out. This can be anything from procrastination, a character flaw or deficiency, or simply some unresolved issues with friends or loved ones.

So to truly win we need to make sure our lives are in order and we are constantly doing inventories on our life, business, career, or family and friends.

I can’t remember who said it, and a quick Google search didn’t turn it up, but I love the quote “It is during times of adversity that ones true self shows itself.” How true this is.

So what do we have to do to WIN?

  1. Take an inventory of ourselves through self reflection – acknowledge you strengths and recognize your weaknesses
  2. Know what is important to you and don’t do things to compromise your priorities or morals
  3. Decide what it will take to make you truly happy and let nothing stand in your way
  4. Everyday take actions towards your true happiness
  5. Don’t waste time on anything that is counterproductive to your happiness.

You will know you are winning when the things you have always dreamed about seem to be within reach. It is during this time that your focus will grow as you see your goals are not only obtainable, but within your grasps.

So take some time and decide what winning is to you. Then devise a plan to make winning an everyday event. Make the choice today to win, but on your terms. The rest will fall into place.