My wife and I celebrated out 13th anniversary from the time we started dating yesterday. We have now been together for as long as we were apart. That is pretty incredible when you think about it. As I was thinking about my life and how long we have been together a post from Guru Gilbert entitled “Do people who get married younger take less risks” came to mind.

I read this post almost two years ago, but it has stuck with me.

When he asked this question I wrote the following “I have been able to take more risks because I have the support to do so. I also do think about how each risk will impact my family. So I think it is a benefit to get married young. So much of our time in youth is spent chasing the opposite sex we don’t focus on things like careers and entrepreneurial ventures until later in life.”

So I got to thinking about it again.

We were married when I was 21 and in that time we have taken many risks both personally and together. From the time we started dating it has been a risk. No one believed us when we said we would get married one day. Throughout our time together we have overcome so many obstacles and adversities that some of the risks in life people may think are daunting, don’t intimidate us.

Just in the past two years we added an extension to our house twice the size, had two kids, started breeding Bulldogge’s, I started my Coaching Business, I changed jobs, Christy is starting her own business, and we also have other ideas we are talking about that would be huge changes in our lives and extremely risky.

After reading my comment over I decided my opinion hasn’t changed much. I believe that life is so much easier when you have someone to go through it with. Especially, when that person not only supports you whole heartedly, but also has similar goals and ambitions.

While our risks have not been extremely risky ventures, they do have a degree of risk. A degree of risk most people will not dare take on. Every time we consider taking on a risk we always talk about it in depth and do not agree to it until each person is on board.

This helps to give you peace of mind that no matter what you do you are both in it together and you feel that no matter what ,you have each others back.

There are so many drawbacks to partnerships in the business world. About 70% of all business partnerships fail. When your partner in life is also your partner in your business decisions you can take comfort in that person being there to back you up when the going gets tough.

I do not believe you take less risks on as a result of being married earlier in life than others. I do believe that most of the risk you take are calculated as a result of what we have to lose. Every time we make a decision we take into consideration how it will impact us, our family and our kids. Of course we don’t bet the house on an idea we have. That helps to keep us grounded and make realistic plans and goals.

I will admit I am the risk taker and Christy is more grounded. She is often the voice of reason. That is the other great thing about marriage. We may not always agree, but often our disagreements mean we find common ground that has the right degree of risk.

As the old saying goes “behind every great man is a great women.” I hope that is the case with us. The other version of this quote I know is true; “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.”

So the reason I write this post is one to acknowledge Christy and thank her for always standing by me. The other is to remind those of you who have a great spouse by your side to use them if you aren’t for advice and guidance. If you don’t need a reminder to use them as a resource maybe a reminder to say  “thank you” is just as good.