It is funny how something is staring you right in the face all along and you don’t even realize it.

Recently, I was given the opportunity by Marc and Angel from to provide a Guest Post. The post was about how I came to be on the path I am currently on. You can read it here.

After Athena’s death I searched for the meaning in it all. I thought there were lessons to learn. I came to the conclusion that she died so I could learn that Life is Too Short not to do what I want. 

I still believe there were  lessons to learn, but that was not completely the reason for her death.

After the guest post went out I received a outpouring of e-mails and comments on my post. The more I read the more I came to the realization that not only did Athena help me find my path, but she was my path.

It all became so clear. I had been searching for the direction of this blog and of  Gaddis Coaching. All at once I realized Athena was that direction.

I could use Athena’s death as a platform for why I started the Blog and my Business. To this point, I had been just using it as a reason for deciding to do these things. It wasn’t just the reason; it was the who, what, why and where.

The realization of this made me think of this blog and what it has become. When I decided to start Gaddis Coaching in 2007 I wanted to focus on Businesses. But since I started this Blog and Gaddis Coaching I have seen it has evolved into much more. It is about getting what you want out of your life.

The reason for me sharing this is because it is something we can all apply to our lives and businesses. If we are not constantly searching for ways to improve we won’t see what is sitting right in front of us. We constantly evolve and need to take constant and consistent inventory of what we are doing and why. As we do this we can improve our lives and businesses through our mission and purpose.

I have told you before how envious I am of people who have a passion  and will let nothing stop them from reaching it. I have started down this path thinking it was my prupose, but there is no describing that time when it all becomes so clear and you know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

I want nothing more than for you to find that and I want to help. It is my intent to do this through the blog and Gaddis Coaching.