I have always been a very active person. As a kid I was always playing sports or outdoors doing something. All the way through college I played competitive basketball and lifted weights. I still love to play sports and be outdoors as often as I can. The problem is that I work at a desk most hours of the week and the rest is filled with spending time with my family, the countless other things I am involved in and running my businesses.

Once I graduated college I started working full time and spending less and less time playing sports and working out. My eating habits got worse. I was always on the road and eating take out.

In 6 weeks my family and I are going on vacation to Florida. I have wanted to make a change in my habits and this is as good of time as any. I currently weigh about 215. I want to get down to about 195lbs in the six weeks and continue to my goal weight of 184.  

I will be starting a work out program today. I will do this along with eating healthy. I will track my calorie intake and stay on track to lose the 20 lbs I want to. I will let you know how it goes. It will combine cardio and strength training. As well as basketball a couple times a week.

I will do circuit training three times a week.  As circuit training allows up to work all muscles at a fast pace to get as much in as possible in the shortest time possible. If anyone would like detailed strength workout let me know. I will also do cardio 3 times a week. This will be 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Now the reason I tell you this is to remind us of the importance of maintaining good health. I want to be around for a long time. I work too hard in my life to not enjoy the benefits of it when my efforts start to pay dividends in the future.

Also being able to find time for exercise and eating right makes us more disciplined and focused people. We need outlets for our stress. The key is to find something that works for you. This could be the treadmill, bike, sports, swimming, weights, or any combination.

We need to realize health is important and vital to our ability to get up each morning and perform to a high standard to reach our goals and objectives. Think of the future. If you only gain one pound a year for the next thirty years, that is still an extra thirty pounds.

Teaching ourselves and our bodies how to be disciplined and focused is something we all can benefit from in our business lives. One of the biggest problems a new business has is what to do with their time to be most productive and efficient.

Most business owners get sidetracked working for themselves by spending time of tasks or issues that do not help their business. A schedule is important and exercise and eating right will help us to get on a schedule and hopefully keep it.