In my work with Gaddis Coaching; I always start out any relationship with the 10 keys to success. This is also the first page to the workbook I use with my Clients. These 10 rules will give you the ability to make your life simpler and more productive.

These are just the keys to success. Obviously they take work. They are not a magic formula that can replace your hard work and determination. But if you follow these 10 keys, you will find out that you can have everything you want and be happy.

So without futher ado…..

  1. You must be willing to work hard and make sacrifices
  2. Live within your means – in business and in your personal life
  3. Follow your passion to do what you enjoy and never compromise your values
  4. Maintain a schedule, set goals, and monitor progress – schedule success
  5. Meticulous record keeping
  6. Educate yourself in all aspects on your business or career – and always seek education
  7. Formulate a plan and continuously monitor it and review it
  8. Perpetuate your success by building systems and processes that put you on auto pilot
  9. Continuously evaluate where you are in your business or life and what you can be doing differently
  10. Maintain balance in life, play and work