The idea of starting a blog has been in my mind for a while now; a couple of years. The last year or so I have been deciding how best to do it with the different things I am trying to do. I initially thought I would start one for each business I am involved in. Then reality set in and I knew that was not realistic. So this blog will house all the things I do or am doing.

I will try to make this blog as personal as possible. I want to track things like my companies growth, my financial goals, and many other things I am working on accomplishing. So this blog will jump around, but that will hopefully keep you interested and I am sure entertained.

I wanted to give you a complete breakdown of all areas of my life. That way you will have sort of a cliff notes to my life and hopefully it will make it easier to follow this blog. So here it is…

Empire Financial Partners
I recently took the role ofFinancial Representative with Empire Financial Partners. Our parent company is John Hancock. I am an independent representative that is licensed in New York and North Carolina.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (yes, I am a Mormon). Don’t hold that against me. I can tell you we are very misunderstood and I would be happy to clarify anything you ask. I tell you this to make you aware this is a big part of who I am and my life. I hold several calling in this church; some of leadership and I have learned a lot and hope to learn more. Some of which I will share here in this blog.

Personal Life
I have a wonderful wife, Christy, and two beautiful kids, Lincoln and Zoelle. In my quest for all the things I want in my life they are a big part of it. We all need to find balance in our lives and they help me to do that and I will share experiences as necessary. I also love basketball and play as much as I can.

I also come from family of six kids. There were four boys and two girls. My parents also have custody of my two cousins whose mom died of cancer.

Coaching Basketball
I am the boys modified basketball coach. I strongly believe that most of the lessons we learn in life and business can be found in sports. I enjoy working with the kids and teaching them this sport, but I believe I am teaching them more and hopefully they will learn these lessons I believe can be for value in life.

Gaddis Coaching
This is a business I started and was officially launched on January 1, 2011. We will work with small business owners, individuals, and businesses to coach, train, and motivate you to get what you want out of your life, job, or business. This business will be spoken about a lot on this blog as I take you through the steps of starting, growing, and everything else that goes on.

Gaddis Kennels
A business my wife and I started to breed my favorite dogges; Olde English Bulldogges. This has been something we have enjoyed and also allows us to do something together as a family. My two year old son loves the dogs. This is a business through and I will also speak about this on the blog as we again only started this business in the summer and still have a lot of learning and growing to do.

Catskill Mountain Educational Center Board of Trustees
I was also recently elected to a term on the CMEC Board of Trustees. This is a local not for profit that is the custodian of a great piece of property that houses the areas ONC BOCES. There is some interesting stuff taking place here and I look forward to being a part of it.

Town of Stamford Board
I was voted onto the Stamford Board of Trustees in the fall of 2009. I just completed my first year on the board and learned a ton. I have two years left on my term before I have to run again.

I recently finished my term as President of The Greater Stamford Area Chamber of Commerce. It was a lot of fun and I learned a ton. I will still continue to be an active member with this organization and it could defiantly make some appearances in posting as I work with them and draw on past experiences.