Finally, today has arrived.

Gaddis Coaching launched today. This is a day I have been working towards, both knowingly and unknowingly, for a long time. I am very excited to see how it all plays out. I have rehashed it over and over in my mind. I have felt like I had been planning so much and that I would never be able to implement that plan. But here we are.

Gaddis Coaching was an idea I got at the first Residency for my MBA. One of my professors was talking about his experiences consulting for large fortune 500 corporations. As time went on and I kept thinking about this idea; it occurred to me there was a huge target market not being properly serviced. There was a strong need to provide this service to individuals and small business owners with a number of different packages that would allow anyone to hire a coach.

I learned this from my own personal experiences. I hired a real estate coach to help me through a growing phase. I paid thousands of dollars up front for this service from a very prominent coaching firm. It was not worth it at all. The information was all canned and scripted “advice” that was in no way helpful to my goals.

Then a few years later I was going through a phase in my life I felt like I was involved in too many things and needed so expert advice to get me through. I searched around again, this time knowing what to expect and what I found was startling.

These “coaches” all gave me the hard sell. No one would listen to me and my need to know what materials they used and what to expect. Again most wanted up front money with no guarantees. It was at this time I decided to do it on my own and then start this business to fill this need. So you are the potential beneficiary.

I work with both small business owners and individuals to help them meet their goals and more effective run their business. I work from a very specific standpoint of systems. I want to help individuals and small business set up systems to put their business on auto pilot and perpetuate its success.

The cost is the reason I believe I will be successful. There is a basic business model out there that if you want to do business with 99% of the coaches out there you will either pay a large up front fee or a large monthly fee; and if you can’t pay it too bad you cannot do business with them.

I spoke with one coach he said it would cost $600 a month for what boiled down to three hours on the phone a month. When I told him that is expensive he said that he does not believe in the word expensive if it will help your business. Then after I asked him what I would get for that, he said he could not share his materials or process with me until I paid the money. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That is not the only coach I heard that from.

So at Gaddis Coaching money will never be the reason you do not do business with me. I have a package for everyone; and if I don’t we will create one that fits. Of course I will expect you to make some sacrifices, like your hard earned money and time to make this work, but I will give you the tools you need to make it work.

So contact me at or visit me at to learn more about what I do and to schedule you free one hour initial phone consultation. No strings attached. I will not give the hard sell. I will tell you what I can do for you and then let you make a decision. I hope you give me the chance to earn your business.

If not I hope you continue to read my blog and tell your friends about it.